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Description of Organic Chemistry Basics

Organic Chemistry Basics is an app developed to give you a basic knowledge about Organic Chemistry.From this App you can learn to name Organic compounds according to the IUPAC nomenclature.All the Steps in IUPAC nomenclature are described with Images so that anyone can easily learn the process.

From this App you can also learn about Isomerism of Organic Compounds.Each type of Isomerism is well explained and graphical examples are provided for each type so the user can easily understand the principles behind Isomerism.

This App also contains more than 70 Organic Chemistry Reactions in different categories as listed below.

Reactants, Products and Reagents for every reaction are shown clearly with different Text Colors so that anyone can easily understand and remember the reactions.

Reactions Included

✔ Reactions of Alkanes

✔ Reactions of Alkenes

✔ Reactions of Alkynes

✔ Reactions of Alkyl Halides

✔ Reactions of Acid Chlorides

✔ Reactions of Amines

✔ Reactions of Alcohols

✔ Reactions of Aldehydes , Ketones

✔ Reactions of Carboxylic Acids

✔ Reactions of Esters

✔ Reactions of Amides

✔ Reactions of Benzene

✔ Reactions of Phenol

✔ Reactions of Diazonium Salts

This App also contain Mechanisms of some Organic Chemistry reactions as listed below.

Reactants, Products, Reagents, Charges and the Movement of Electrons in every Step are clearly shown with different Text Colors(with graphics) so that anyone can easily understand and remember the mechanisms.

Mechanisms Included

✔ Bromination of Alkanes

✔ Addition of HBr to Alkenes

✔ Dehydration of Alcohols

✔ Production of Esters

✔ Bromination of Benzene

✔ Nitration of Benzene

✔ Friedal Craft Acylation

✔ Friedal Craft Alkylation

✔ Hydrolysis of Esters

✔ Production of Amides

(More Mechanisms will be added soon)

An active Internet Connection is required to load Data from the online database

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